Yoga means union

...time to unite yourself

  • every day
  • 7 days / week
  • 365 days / year

Yoga for adults




for your physical, emotional & mental health

Yoga for adults

Monday 19:00 - 20:30h

Rieterstrasse 59, 8002 Zürich


Drop in anytime : CHF 35.-

10er Abo: CHF 300.- (valid 3 months)

Language: English, German

private YOga / personal training

Depending on Your needs, interest, experience and health we will create a personal yoga program for You.
Designed to Meet Your Health & Fitness, Temperament, Lifestyle & Goals.

At your convenience possible to practice at your home


CHF 120.-  1h class
CHF 160.-  1.5h class

CHF 1200.- 10 classes / 1h
CHF 1500.- 10 classes / 1.5h

The cost of individual program to be discussed personally

Language: English, German, Russian

Yoga for kids

Bring more piece, joy, self consciousness and happiness into your kid's life with yoga. Kids learn how to manage their emotions and release pressure, high expectations, any stress,  disconnecting from social media and becoming more focused for studies and closer to the nature.

Upon request.

for schools, children care, children parties, for mothers with children and private lessons.

Price: negotiable (age, group size, hours)

Language: English, German, Russian

YOGA RETREATS in MOROCCO: Get your intentions set in motion

Apr 7 - Apr 13, 2019
Apr 14 - Apr 20, 2019
Apr 21 – Apr 27, 2019

Price: From: 520€ - 720€ All inclusive

For our special New Year’s retreats 2019, Green Yoga International welcomes you to its one of kind Yoga and Meditation, Reiki and Yoga, Tennis and Yoga retreats.

Get into deep connection with yourself, set meaningful intentions and start the year with confidence and ease.

Language: English

REIKI healing

Reiki is energy healing method for stress reduction and relaxation. It also stimulates healing of many deseases. Reiki treatment helps to improve the state of the body and mind, to release energetic blockages for your life energy to flow inviting happiness and health into your life.


CHF 130.- 1h seance

CHF 1200.- 10 seances / 1h

I am certified Reiki Practitioner of second degree (Reiki Holy Fire, Japanese Technique)

Language: English, German, Russian

Step by step

Private yoga / Personal training

Image description

In a private one-to-one setting, I can help you learn how to use Yoga to move towards understanding and transforming your specific challenges; whether those are in the body, mind, or life.

Individual Yoga sessions can be very powerful tools for growth and transformation. Private yoga sessions will take into account the whole person when addressing challenges.

In these sessions I work together with the student to co-create a highly customized Yoga practice to address the underlying foundational causes of the challenges. Your Yoga Praxis will be designed to Meet Your Health & Fitness, Temperament, Lifestyle & Goals.

With one on one sessions you will receive a personalized yoga sequence specific to your needs and concerns with targeted poses or practices that you can easily do at home.

Depending on the nature of what you need help with, sessions may include: customized physical practices, mindfulness exercises, meditation, breathing techniques, guided self-inquiry, and others – depending on Your need.



way of life

The context of your life (not its material content), meaning how you do things - with joy and happiness?
How do you feel in the morning and during the day- grateful and pleasant?
Can you sleep well at night?
All what you think - is it defined by you or the mind is taking over?
defines the quality of your life.

Practice of yoga is scientific. it is scientifically proved that regular practice of yoga impacts all dimensions of humans: physical, mental and emotional.


preventing and curing diseases, increasing stability, flexibility, strength of the body, releasing tensions, detoxifying the body, improving digestion, releasing neck and back pain and other health issues.


peaceful mind, calming nervous system, sense of freedom, harmony, willpower, confidence, focus, balancing ego.


balanced emotions for better relationships; releasing fear, anger, stress and helps to transform and overcome other negative emotions;

Presence: awareness of your present moment

Connection of body, spirit & mind


Knowing yourself and who you are


5 Elements

YOGA impacts your life and brings LIGHT

About me










DEVAKI was born in Russia and grew up in Kaliningrad and Zurich. At an early age she learned the first aspects of yoga from her mother. Since childhood she has been motivated to movement and spiritual development.

After practicing yoga intensively in Switzerland for 10 years, Devaki has collected traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga experience in the holy city of India, Rishikesh (at Vedansha International Yoga Academy and Vedic Science, certified by International Yoga Alliance). The ashram enabled an authentic learning of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation practice and Yoga Philosophy. "The rich spiritual knowledge and culture of this place impressed me deeply." After this journey, she began to change her life and adopted a yogic lifestyle.

In Mallorca, Spain (at Green Yoga International, certified school at Yoga Alliance International (USA) and Yoga Alliance Professional (UK)), Devaki has deepened her practice in various yoga aspects, such as traditional Hatha, Yin, modern Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Ayurveda under blissed guidance of her teacher Atmarekha (Indrajit Dey). Atmarekha has the philosophy of the Great Sage of India, Swami Vivekananda (founder of the Ramakrishna Mission), and provided in-depth knowledge of yogic texts such as Vedanta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita.

Devaki is a Certified Kid's Yoga Teacher by Kidding Around Yoga for the simple conviction that the sooner one encounters yoga in life, the more blissed the path of life will be.

In addition, Devaki is a Certified Usui Reiki Holy Fire practitioner of the second degree initiated by Pascal Wallyn Master Reiki Holy Fire (affiliated member of ICRT - Reiki Membership Association), who is on the 5th level from the great master Dr. Mikao Usui.   

Since childhood Devaki has practiced numerous sports and music. Yoga unites her passions such as dancing, piano and singing, jogging, admiring nature, snorkeling and diving.

"Yoga gives light to my life, a special energy and inner power that I can apply in all situations of life. I'm not referring to the yoga that takes place on the mat, but much more. Yoga is not a physical exercise but a special way to live life. You can do yoga while breathing, sitting, eating, thinking, working, relaxing, at all actions or while not doing anything".

"Yoga for me is a life philosophy that I live in every action and pass it on with joy! What fascinates me the most about yoga is that it leads you to an experience and understanding of not being just the body and the mind. Serving and empowering people through yoga is my goal in yoga lessons".

With deep gratitude to all my yoga teachers









Certified Yoga Teacher


Register for Yoga class

Classes fill up quickly, please pre-register to ensure your spot.

Are you new to Yoga ?


for beginners

What to Expect

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to sign in. Take off your shoes and settle in by setting up your mat and collecting any props (blocks, blankets, straps or bolsters) you may need.

You are encouraged to connect quietly with your neighbors and get to know your yoga community, or to take this time to allow your entire being to "arrive on the mat".

Most classes will start with a short mindfulness meditation to prepare you mentally for the practice and to set the tone of the class.

You will be given general instructions about a pose as well as individual instruction to enhance your practice. You may be given physical adjustments while you are in the pose to help you better understand the actions and movements of the pose. You always have the option to decline a physical adjustment for any reason.

The classes usually end with a brief period of breathing practice (pranayama) and relaxation (savasana).

Please be kind to yourself both during practice and after. Make any adjustments and alterations as needed during class.

Always listen to YOUR body, adjust your practice accordingly to avoid injury.


Tips to ensure enjoyable classes

* Avoid eating or eat lightly 1-2 hours before a class.

* Arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of class. The door will lock once class has begun.

* Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

* Yoga is practiced barefoot. Please remove socks and shoes in the wardrobe before entering the studio.

* Mats, blocks, straps, blankets & bolsters are available free of charge for you to use during class.

* Please turn off or silence your cell phones before entering the studio.

* Please do not leave class early.

* You are advised to discuss any concerns with your health care practitioner prior to starting a yoga practice if you have injuries, health conditions or are pregnant.